I like space and planets and the stars. It amazes me and it’s its nice to know that there are some things that no one understands. I think it’s humbling in a way.

I get caught up in my own life; my problems seem so big and overwhelming. When I’m trapped focusing on my life, I forget that I am one person out of eight billion. I forget how small I really am.

It bothers me so much seeing people who think they are better than everyone: better than other people, better than animals, better than everything. People destroy nature, kill animals, and hurt others all because they think they can. They think that they’re above everything.

I wish I could tell them. I wish they could just understand that they are just one letter in a thousand page essay, one raindrop in a ten hour storm, one frame in a five hour documentary, one out of 8 billion tiny insignificant people.

The stars are a good reminder. As big as you think you are, as big as you think your problems are, there is always something bigger.


Photo Credit: Festim Kelmendi

The Pint sized builder.

Body Building is considered an extreme sport where one must train for hundreds of hours to achieve a muscular physique. For those body builders that can rise to the top there is one event that they must compete in, the Mr. Universe competition.

There is one who was able to conquer his overwhelming poverty and his puny size to rise to the top. His name is Manohar Aich, although to some he is known as “ Pocket Hercules “. Standing at 4’11 , Manohar was born in Bangladesh a region known for its poverty.

These obstacles did not stop Manohar Aich. Around the age of 12 Manohar came under attack from black fever. To regain his health he began exercising doing thousand of repetitions for a single exercise.

His efforts did not stop their and by his early 30s people were commenting on his muscular physique. By age 37 the puny Manohar Aich was able to win the Mr. Universe competition. No one his size has since been able to replicate his feat.