If I Could Have a Superpower

If I could have any superpower it would be the ability to press pause. I’d watch as vehicles stopped in their tracks, raindrops hung suspended from the sky and people froze like statues in a museum. I can picture it clearly. My world of chaos would dissipate, and calmness would take its place.

“statues in a museum” PC: The MET

Amidst this setting, I could finally organize the mess that is my life. I’d be able to complete all my homework, chores, and responsibilities, with time to spare. I’d spend hours devouring books, articles, and literature in all its shapes and forms, acquiring knowledge far beyond my years. I’d learn Calculus and how to paint; I’d try a new sport and play piano. I would live lavishly; taking bubble baths and treating myself to spa days. I’d finish all seasons of Gilmore Girls and binge Friends for the millionth time. I would cook myself incredible meals or waltz into a Michelin Star restaurant and help myself to the dishes balancing upon waiters’ hands. I would sit with my thoughts – something which I rarely have the time and space to do – and reflect on my past and my future; who I am as a person, and who I want to be.

Everything would be totally under control. I forgot my computer charger? Pause, and I’ll go pick it up. I’m almost dozing off in class? Pause, and I’ll take a long nap. I would do all this and so much more with all the time in the world. And when I got lonely, I would only have to press play, and my day would resume its natural course.

To Help or Not to Help

With the recent GOP debates, there has been talk of the question of foreign aid and whether it should be given, and if it is, to whom?

I find it disturbing that so many people find that we as a country should completely cease giving foreign aid because of our financial woes. And here is why.

Sure, our economy is not doing as well as it used to. In fact, we have been experience serious financial problems that could spell the end of our reign as kings of the world.

But, the people of America are still far better off than those of most countries. Even the lower class of the US is making more than most. So although we are experiencing hard times, this is nothing compared to the daily lives of others throughout the world.

So why then are so many talking about cutting off foreign aid? They claim that we need to “take care of ourselves first”. But guess what, we are humans before anything else. And we do need to take care of ourselves, but that means our entire species.

Although we associate ourselves as Americans, we have to realize that we live in a world made up of billions of people just like us. And why should we have excess when they have nothing?

I know that the many will say life is not meant to be fair and I would agree with that. But is it not our moral obligation to help those with less if we can?

I feel that we are slacking as a country in our contributions to the world. We may contribute much as far as the world economy and infrastructure, but what are we contributing when we look at it person by person?

I think we need to go on a mission to make people smile. Take the money from the pointless wars we have been fighting as spend it on giving to those who need it. We can survive with less than we have and I have a sneaking suspicion that we will work harder as a nation to improve if we have less.

We are a hardworking nation but it is not that others are lazy, simply unfortunate. Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, Jew or atheist, these is no good reason to hoard our good fortunes and ignore the rest of the world.

We will not always be the super power that we are, and when we are in a position of needing help, do you want to look at another country that is rolling in luxury and realize they will give nothing of it away? I hope not.

Let us continue, and build, the foreign aid programs we currently have in place. Let us go and help those who need it and create a stronger and more unified world. Let us go out and get allies in new places and teach people that Americans are willing to give. Let us be just.