Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze is not only one of the most versatile directors in the field, but his attention to minimalist style is unmatched. After all, how many directors do you know with their own stage name?

Jonze kicked off his career by making music videos for MTV back when they had music. He produced “100%” by Sonic Youth, solidifying his position as a directing prodigy. He makes high profile music videos to this day. His credits also include directing Daft Punk, Weezer, the Beastie Boys, R.E.M., Fatboy Slim, and recently Arcade Fire, with his beautiful take on “The Suburbs”.

Jonze is also one of the few people on this planet that can include both Where the Wild Things Are as well as the Jackass trilogy on his resume. Another interesting tidbit: his brother is the high profile DJ Squeak E. Clean, famous for his collaborations with the musical group N.A.S.A.

From super slow motion skateboarding videos with remote explosives, to elaborate costumes for CGI blockbusters, Spike Jonze is a brilliant director and one of the most respected names in the industry.


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