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Daft Punk

I can hardly believe I’ve gone this long without a Daft Punk post. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are not just legends of electro house, but icons of a musical generation. While attending a French university, Bangalter and Manuel … Continue reading

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Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze is not only one of the most versatile directors in the field, but his attention to minimalist style is unmatched. After all, how many directors do you know with their own stage name? Jonze kicked off his career … Continue reading

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Crooning for Crookers

Nobody can pull of a combination of cool and classy quite like Crookers. This Italian DJ duo goes by the pseudonyms Bot and Phra. The twosome famously signed to Diplo’s oddball Mad Decent record label not too long ago. I … Continue reading

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The Big Spill

With exponentially growing advancements in technology, we have more access to information than ever. But moral struggles of how to handle this information remain the same. What happens, for instance, when we have comprehensive access to military secrets? This is … Continue reading

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LCD. Easy as 123

The latest musical phenom i’ve stumbled upon is none other than James Murphy, the renaissance man known in the business as LCD Soundsystem. The man could play all of the instrumentals in his band if only he had enough hands. … Continue reading

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Get Your Soulwax…ed?

  Where to begin? This legendary Belgian DJ duo and their band headline every show they attend. Very few can create sounds as beautifully distant nor as overpoweringly raw in a DJ set, much less with a live band. The … Continue reading

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BetatraXx the Alpha Dog

There is nothing inappropriate about Gotta Dance Dirty. Believe it or not, it’s the undisputed largest and most respected blog in the west coast electronic music scene. So to kick off their new management label, they had to find someone … Continue reading

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