Gay Rights

Who the hell do you think you are to deny an innocent American citizen their rights?

Obviously you think you are doing the “right” thing, the “better” thing.

You are not.

The only difference between LGBT and heterosexuals is who they are attracted to, oh and that LGBT on average have a higher IQ and are much less likely to commit a felony.

So why are LGBT people looked down upon so much in our country? It really baffles me that so many people could have a hatred towards people who are just attracted to the same sex as themselves, I really cannot understand.

Homophobia is one thing. I for one do not have it but one cannot be fully criticized simply for their irrational feelings. That being said, even if there are many homophobes, that is no reason for LGBT to be denied the rights that heterosexual people have.

We have come a long way in our country in respect to the rights of minorities. African Americans and women received the right to vote and discrimination laws swept the country.

Yet, we are still living in the distant past when it comes to our county’s feelings regarding homosexuality. We need to grow up.

I was recently reading a story about the suicide rates among teens in an area of Minnesota who have been taunted for being gay and lesbian.

Throughout the country we see an absurdly high suicide rate among young LGBT people. This is unacceptable and it needs to stop.

No one, and especially young people, should be teased for their sexuality. I don’t care what your beliefs are regarding homosexuality, no one deserves to be teased and bullied and pushed to the point of having suicidal tendencies.

It makes me sick to hear that so many kids across our supposedly accepting country are facing the horrors of being bullied for their sexuality. It appalls me that more has not been done to cease this unacceptable behavior.

I want to see a country where people are not frowned upon for what attracts them, where we can accept people who are living their lives and not trying to harm anyone around them. I want us to move forward and banish our misconceptions about homosexuality to the pages of history where I am sure we will be mocked for the injustices we have committed.

3 thoughts on “Gay Rights

  1. Why do you think Republican presidential candidates, even Newt whose sister is lesbian, make prejudiced comments about gay people? I think it is because it is a way the small Republican activist group distinguish themselves from decent, normal Americans. So they force him to follow them by voting for him, and they force him to say ridiculous things to show he is following them.

    • I feel that they are so closed minded that they refuse to just see the normality of the LGBT community. The candidates are just catering to the ignorance that is so rampant among the right.

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