Prom Season…The Perfect Prom Couple

This year, the prom theme is famous couples and this just BEGS to be taken out of context.

I’ve heard a lot of ideas thrown around. I’ve heard Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I’ve heard Barbie and Ken. For God’s sake, my girlfriend tried to get me to agree to a Tom Brady and Gisele matchup (Hell no).

There’s a lot of wild celebrity couples out there.

However, you know that old saying that no couple in the world is perfect, no matter how in love they are?


I know of one particular couple in popular culture that is nothing short of perfect.

Sadly, they had a very devastating breakup. But, while they were together for years, they were not only life partners, but best friends. They were a perfect team, as two partners are meant to be. They were such a beautiful couple that I won’t even insult them by using their names.

Well, I mean unless you really want to know.

Do ya?

Are you sure?

Well ok.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just playing with you guys.

Probably the most dysfunctional couple in the history of the planet, Kobe and Shaq had their ups and downs. Judging by this picture, Shaq is having Kobe up, but he’s just begging to be put down. (see what I did there?)

Happy prom season to all. Also, to all who celebrate, enjoy the Easter weekend!

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