Black Mamba

While I was enjoying the beautiful weather of Ojai this morning, I got a text from my friends that made my heart drop, “Kobe Bryant was found dead with his daughter after the helicopter crash.” When I got this text, I thought it was some kind of joke or rumor that some people were spreading, and after checking all types of social media, I realized that it was true. I just couldn’t admit that my all-time favorite basketball player would leave us like this. There have been a few tragic events like this, but Kobe’s death just hit different to me. Kobe Bryant was the first player that I knew from basketball, and while me and my friends were playing basketball, I remember shouting “Kobe!” when I took the shot. He was a great mentor for a lot of people including me in and out of the court. Kobe Bryant might be gone in real life, but he will always have a special place in our hearts.

Rest in peace, Kobe Bryant.

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Yeah So That Didn’t Go Well

So my last blog, “The End”, was basically about how all the Lakers needed to do was just lose their next game and everything would be okay.

Well, they even screwed that up.

Not only did the Lakers lose, but they did it in a terrible fashion.

About 20 minutes into the game, Howard fouled out, probably intentionally. Now, being a loser in a professional sport comes with the expectation that you won’t be a baby and that you’ll lose with some sort of dignity.

Well, Howard screwed that up.

After fouling out and leaving his team to basically be a bunch of dying fish trying to make their way to some kind of water, he got into an argument with the ONE person he shouldn’t have.

No it wasn’t D’Antoni, and it wasn’t Jerry Buss’ kids either. It was Mitch Kupchak. Yes, that’s right, after intentionally leaving the court during a playoff game, the little punk Howard got into an argument with the Lakers’ General Manager.

There isn’t really a whole lot for me to say about that, other than let’s just hope he can clean up his act this summer, or that was a LOT of money down the drain.

Lakers: Proving it IS in fact possible to lose with this team

Kobe, Nash, Howard, World Peace, Gasol.

What could go wrong with such a winning lineup?

Well, apparently, a lot. The Lakers proved today that it is possible to lose with a team so star studded as this. In fact, they can make it look easy.

You have to admit, today’s game was almost comically bad. Howard got kicked out before the half, Kobe hitting TEN for THIRTY-TWO shots, and Gasol flopping his lanky arms around the rim every play in a feeble attempt to make the ball go in.
I honestly don’t know what’s going on with the Lakers. The talent is obviously there. Is it the age factor? Is it that no one on the team can play together? Is it that D’Antoni’s  mustache has cast a spell over the entire team? The latter seems quite possible.
What is he hiding under there?

Whatever it is, the Lakers need to figure it out, and fast. They’re falling dangerously close to not making it to the playoffs, with an even more dangerous schedule ahead. I say dangerous with my tounge-in-cheek because we did just lose to the Raptors. The TORONTO Raptors. Canada is not notoriously great at basketball.

Prom Season…The Perfect Prom Couple

This year, the prom theme is famous couples and this just BEGS to be taken out of context.

I’ve heard a lot of ideas thrown around. I’ve heard Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I’ve heard Barbie and Ken. For God’s sake, my girlfriend tried to get me to agree to a Tom Brady and Gisele matchup (Hell no).

There’s a lot of wild celebrity couples out there.

However, you know that old saying that no couple in the world is perfect, no matter how in love they are?


I know of one particular couple in popular culture that is nothing short of perfect.

Sadly, they had a very devastating breakup. But, while they were together for years, they were not only life partners, but best friends. They were a perfect team, as two partners are meant to be. They were such a beautiful couple that I won’t even insult them by using their names.

Well, I mean unless you really want to know.

Do ya?

Are you sure?

Well ok.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just playing with you guys.

Probably the most dysfunctional couple in the history of the planet, Kobe and Shaq had their ups and downs. Judging by this picture, Shaq is having Kobe up, but he’s just begging to be put down. (see what I did there?)

Happy prom season to all. Also, to all who celebrate, enjoy the Easter weekend!

The collapse of a dynasty

Of all the moments which took place during the past 8 months, my favorite moment was watching JJ Barea drive to the basket from half court to have his collar bone meet the unforgiving elbow of Andrew Bynum. Barea’s shot would end up going in and Bynum was ejected from the game, ripping off his jersey in frustration as he walked into the tunnel. In a moment which sums up the severe frustration from the only Laker who played like a two time champion, the Lakers, their season, their coaches career, and their throne was swept away in a sea of white and blue coming from the crowd.

Quite the embarrassing way for 11 time NBA championship winning coach Phil Jackson to call it quits, swept in the second round. A 44 year veteran of the league, coach of the great Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant could very possibly be stepping down after this season. With him, the era of Lakers glory could very well be over.

Why do great dynasties fail? Why do they crumble and fall after years of revered greatness? Social crumbling, the loss of cohesion with leadership, military, and economic structure. They lose because other invading territories want what the dynasty has. They have power, resources, and control. They face decline from their super powers and henceforth, they become weak and vulnerable. The Roman Empire, the Han Dynasty of Eastern China, and most recently, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Changes in the front office represent the government going in another direction as uncertainty of the future clouded the practice atmosphere. It is a great distraction for a team. The fact that after Pau Gasol posted a mere 13 points per game and played tentatively the entire playoffs. Derek Fisher’s illustrious career has been reduced to experience thanks to the inevitable sting of time and may henceforth be replaced by a younger and faster point guard. Ron Artest‘s contract is also in jeopardy. Key components are at risk of being moved thanks to an in balance in salary and production. Changes from the front office can be felt. Other than that,  Kobe Bryant played with a lack of fire, evident from his inability to close games 1 and 3. As a whole, the collective effort aside from Bynum wasn’t there. The military is your defense and line of protection from the invading enemies who want your throne. The Lakers did very little to veer off the opposing teams attack. While they scored 101 points per game during the season, in the post season, that’s what they allowed. After a valiant effort from Chris Paul and the Hornets in the first round exposing the human side of the Lakers, and of their dominant post defense in 6 games, the Dallas Mavericks defeated them in a clean sweep.

With the Mavericks now the favorites to win the NBA Finals, they have gained all that the Lakers once had: a championship trophy, dominance known through


Some people give soccer a bad name. Bolton Wanderer’s Ivan Klasnic was arrested over rape allegations. This is not the first time a soccer player has made a mistake like this.

Ivan Klasnic

Bolton is currently mid-table and Klasnic has been a reliable players throughout last year and this years campaign. However he cannot be a help to the team if he is in jail. Soccer players (and successful athletes in general) are often accused of rape by gold diggers and drug addicts. Kobe Bryant felt the effect of being wrongfully accused of rape when in Denver.

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