the dresses flowed endlessly like water through a river,

curls bounced up and down,

and faces were perfected with more makeup than let on.

i didn’t think this night would end up how it did,

with myself falling more in love with you.

as i stared across the room my eyes landed on you,

sitting with others whom you don’t know quite yet, but you soon will.

you’re not how i though you would be,

you’re different.

but different is good.

i don’t know what it is about you,

your eyes, smile, or personality that captures me every time.

it’s something that makes me stumble over my words and lose track of my thoughts

it’s something that makes me want to know you better,

figure out all the great things about you;

it’s something that is just as special as you.


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8 Carrie GIFS That Describe Prom Night

When you’re feeling really great as you put your makeup on


When you finally get your dress on and a teacher tries to dress code you


When you walk into prom and you see someone wearing the same dress as you


When you start losing hope for actually having fun but then they start playing your song


When someone tells you that you look really good


And then realize the person who told you that is notoriously fake


When you finally get home and you realize you sweat all your makeup off


When you are allowed to wash your face after a long night

But all and all, prom is super fun!  So kick off your shoes and dance!!



A Tragic Story of Prom and Permits: Part 1

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Bethany Yoddle, a highschool junior, just got her license right in time for prom. Bethany is an aspiring model/actress/tv show cooking competition judge/daytime talkshow host/reality tv show star. Bethany isn’t going to prom with anyone, but she just assumes they can’t handle her charismatic, multi-talented persona. But, little does she know, her best friend since 4th grade, Ben, is in love with her. Bethany and Ben have gone from swing sets to driving licenses, now they are 16 and she still has no idea.

7 pm hits, and Bethany climbs into her car to make her way to prom. Bethany’s drive to the prom site is a long one, as it’s outside of the city, but luckily she has all her favorite music to listen to on her way there.

Bethany hits the more rural part of her drive, and unfortunately, a deer ran across the road right as Bethany was singing loudly ( and ear-bleedingly bad) to her favorite song. Bethany saw the deer and she slammed the brakes, but just a second too late, and her front bumper collided with the deer.

To Be Continued


The Stages of Prom Shopping (For an Anti-Sparkle-Social-Salamander)


Woo cool.

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Prom…yay…that’s what I’m supposed to do right? Maybe?

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An excellent time to dress up and spend time on yourself, not to mention cut down on a day of dry and sleep inducing work. Right?

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But then again, it’s also a time for people to spend way too much money on a dress they’ll only wear once. Obsess over their size, feel self shame, worry way too much about how they look and what people will think of them.

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Social salamander mode:

You could just hide in the corner and act like you like no one…you could hoard a bunch of food and converse with the potted plants. Yeah that’s a good plan. Find the cheapest easiest dress you can, throw on a pair a nondescript shoes, do your hair like everyone else with an obscene amount of hairspray and self-consciousness. Yep that’s what I’m doing.



This is all so much. So much sparkles. *bangs head on keyboard* So much shiny. *Sinks to knees* Why world?? So much sparkles, shoes, dress, eyes, blood stream. The cheapest thing is bedazzled to pluto and back, and eighty dollars??

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I’m going to need to pay for this:

*Opens purse* There’s some yarn, a tapestry needle, some bobby pins and oh wait is that money? => two hours, of digging through purse desperately, later => nope just a receipt for some sushi.

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After panic:

Know what world? I’m doing this my way. I’m going to work my own style and thrift store the price tags out of this equation. I’m doing this my awkward wallflower-y way and the socially acceptable prom ideals are going to take it. I’m done listening, I’m going to make this night of mandatory fun mine to enjoy how I please.

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Long or Short

Buying a prom dress is hard.
Yes, I know that makes me sound like the ultimate spoiled white brat, but it really is.  First, prom dresses are ridiculously over-priced.  Second, you don’t want to get the same one as anyone else, so you need to try to find the most low-key stores.  And third, you have to obey “the rules”.
At some schools, the rules of dresses are very prominent at a social level.  Although never articulated on paper, it is a well-known tradition that only seniors can wear long dresses.  I have witnessed actual shaming of 11th grade girls who have worn long dresses to prom.  As a result, I was nervous when trying to find a dress for OVS prom.  I do not get dressed up often, and when I do, I like to go all out.  I had never worn a long dress until just a few weeks ago, aside from the school musical.  When I went shopping with my mom for dresses, I fell in love with the first one I tried on.  One problem:  it was long.  I texted multiple friends that were seniors at OVS asking if they would care about me wearing a long dress, expecting a rage in response.  However, I was completely surprised with the positive response.  Apparently, the “rules” were non-existent at OVS.  Once I got over my shock, I was pleased.  This absence of the rule, although small and insignificant in the long run, shows the loving, family aspect of the OVS community.


It’s that time of year again. Prom is in two days, and everybody is getting ready for it.

Prom is one of those school events that everyone says they aren’t excited for, but in reality are actually stoked. This year, it was my class, the junior class, that was responsible for putting it on for the seniors.

We separated into four groups. One for decorations, one for the prom court, one for music, and one for the gift to the seniors. I was in the decorations committee, and we chose to go with the theme of The Great Gatsby.

We’ve been working hard to decide what the centerpieces on the table should be, where everything should go, what the cool theme is, what decorations to put around the room, and what to do with the dance floor.

It’s all finally coming together, just in time for Thursday night. Hopefully everyone likes it. After that, we head off to spring break, which I think everyone at school is more than ready for.

Prom Season…The Perfect Prom Couple

This year, the prom theme is famous couples and this just BEGS to be taken out of context.

I’ve heard a lot of ideas thrown around. I’ve heard Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I’ve heard Barbie and Ken. For God’s sake, my girlfriend tried to get me to agree to a Tom Brady and Gisele matchup (Hell no).

There’s a lot of wild celebrity couples out there.

However, you know that old saying that no couple in the world is perfect, no matter how in love they are?


I know of one particular couple in popular culture that is nothing short of perfect.

Sadly, they had a very devastating breakup. But, while they were together for years, they were not only life partners, but best friends. They were a perfect team, as two partners are meant to be. They were such a beautiful couple that I won’t even insult them by using their names.

Well, I mean unless you really want to know.

Do ya?

Are you sure?

Well ok.

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just playing with you guys.

Probably the most dysfunctional couple in the history of the planet, Kobe and Shaq had their ups and downs. Judging by this picture, Shaq is having Kobe up, but he’s just begging to be put down. (see what I did there?)

Happy prom season to all. Also, to all who celebrate, enjoy the Easter weekend!