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the dresses flowed endlessly like water through a river, curls bounced up and down, and faces were perfected with more makeup than let on. i didn’t think this night would end up how it did, with myself falling more in love … Continue reading

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8 Carrie GIFS That Describe Prom Night

When you’re feeling really great as you put your makeup on   When you finally get your dress on and a teacher tries to dress code you   When you walk into prom and you see someone wearing the same … Continue reading

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A Tragic Story of Prom and Permits: Part 1

Photo Credit: balticassist Bethany Yoddle, a highschool junior, just got her license right in time for prom. Bethany is an aspiring model/actress/tv show cooking competition judge/daytime talkshow host/reality tv show star. Bethany isn’t going to prom with anyone, but she just … Continue reading

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The Stages of Prom Shopping (For an Anti-Sparkle-Social-Salamander)

Surface: Woo cool. Brain: Prom…yay…that’s what I’m supposed to do right? Maybe? Rational: An excellent time to dress up and spend time on yourself, not to mention cut down on a day of dry and sleep inducing work. Right? Cynic: … Continue reading

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Long or Short

Buying a prom dress is hard. Yes, I know that makes me sound like the ultimate spoiled white brat, but it really is.  First, prom dresses are ridiculously over-priced.  Second, you don’t want to get the same one as anyone … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again. Prom is in two days, and everybody is getting ready for it. Prom is one of those school events that everyone says they aren’t excited for, but in reality are actually stoked. This year, … Continue reading

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Prom Season…The Perfect Prom Couple

This year, the prom theme is famous couples and this just BEGS to be taken out of context. I’ve heard a lot of ideas thrown around. I’ve heard Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I’ve heard Barbie and Ken. For God’s … Continue reading

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