The Foxes and Coyotes


In a great desert lived Foxes and Coyotes.

They got along great for a time.

A holy man led them both to an oasis.

To a desert paradise.

The Oasis sought to divide them.

Eventually the Oasis did.

Foxes and Coyotes were brothers once.

But both now fight and die.

The other desert creature sought to end the bloodshed.

They drafted an unbreakable truce.

Foxes gleefully accepted, their numbers had withered down.

Coyotes barely accepted, not wanting to share with the Foxes.

Time passed, the Coyotes outnumbered the Foxes.

They attempted to exclude Foxes from oasis lands.

The Coyotes launched an attack and surprised the Foxes.

The Foxes had something the coyotes did not.

Courage and an unbreakable will.

The Foxes stopped the Coyote attack.

The Coyotes lost much of their land.

The other desert creatures were furious and tried for another truce.

The Coyotes vowed for vengeance and would eventually attack again.

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