The moments that stay with us are often peculiar

They are difficult to explain

It may be the first time we talk to a friend

Or the last

As I have grown older memories have grown fuzzier

while others keep their clarity

What decides the memory hierarchy?

Are these the moments that define us?

When we are at our greatest

or worst.

We struggle to find meaning in the moments we remember

And even if we find what we are looking for, why ruin the simplicity of the memory.

Something Happened? Guess I gotta write about it

So I know I said that I wasn’t going to talk Eagles anymore after last week. The team has been completely deflated and it was just a waste of time to talk about these guys. Well, this week is a different story.

The Eagles actually won a game today.

Going into today’s game, the Eagles’ last win was on September 30th, which is over 2 months ago. That’s a long time in the NFL. The last 2 months have been increasingly depressing. Loss after loss, the Eagles just looked sloppier and sloppier.

Today was our day as rookie QB NICK FOLES (sorry I’m still excited), led the Eagles to a 4th quarter comeback, bringing the team to victory after suffering an 11 point deficit.

There are a lot of things to talk about after a game like today. There were a ton of highlights. Let’s talk about them.

First, I want to give the defensive player of the game to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha, who looked like the players we thought they were when they came to Philly. The two gelled very well today as the team has completely eliminated the wide 9 formation from their playbook. The only times I saw either get seriously beat was on zone coverage once again. However, on man coverage, the two were superhuman. DRC didn’t allow many catches today at all. Nnamdi allowed another touchdown pass, but he needed to make a split decision on his coverage. He made the right call, but noticed it just a bit too late. He also suffered a neck injury early in the game. He returned later on and finished up.

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The Last Gasp (?)

Justice Scalia knew this day would come.

The coming years will mark the end of the grumpy-old-socially-conservative-white-male political system.

States have already begun legalizing Marijuana for not only medicinal use, but also recreational use. Not to mention the “radical idea” of letting gay people marry has come around to existence in many states as well.

The nation has a restless youth that not only wants but needs to make a difference. Using new media such as secure chat rooms, tor and other encrypted ways of communicating, the population of America can be seen making a difference. The most obvious of these recent restless movements was the Occupy protests which sparked a symbol of rebellion all around the world.

The population is upset, and there’s going to be a difference.


I mean, it’s not like we haven’t seen this before. In the 60’s and 70’s everyone was pumped up about making a difference, and some WAS made, but a few short years after that the still angry and energized youth was given Ronald Reagan, the exact opposite of what they wanted. Then, there were a couple of Bushes, and we all know how that turned out. Even in other countries this has happened throughout history. In Russia, a change was very badly needed so the people turned to Lenin. Before long they had Stalin.

Now, this country is most certainly not headed towards a Stalin-esque type leader, but you get my point.

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Does Creationism Have a Place in Public School?


Tsk tsk

And when I saw that headline on the LATimes here, I was very befuddled. Since I don’t feel like writing a several page long essay trying to tap into the small brains of creationists, I’ll try to do so in a few short paragraphs.

Let’s begin with a couple of little things called facts. Facts are what you teach children in school. Children do not need their heads filled with hearsay or so called “faith-based facts” that rely on gut instincts. Children need to know what is actually true, because information is power, and the more knowledge you have, the better your short time on Earth here is going to be.

And secondly, let’s remember how you are supposed to make logical conclusions. You are supposed to form a hypothesis (well done religion, you make it this far), and then gather as much proof and evidence (this is where ol’ God loses it) to back up your hypothesis. This is how the great scientists and thinkers of time have always done it, and how it should be taught. Scientists, atheists, anti-theists and evolutionists understand that to understand the world you must have proofs for your beliefs. It is the creationists who need to supply proof for what they believe. Science has been doing this for years and years. It baffles me how something so blatantly false and fabricated as religion and creationism can be even thought about for curriculum in schools.  Once some proof other than some burnt toast comes forth for religious beliefs, I’ll stick with the side that supplies the logic.


Ronnie Fieg

The big news in the sneaker community is often dominated by Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. Occasionally, an Asics, New balance, and recently Puma sneaker appears to become a phenomenon. These are often attributed to small sneaker boutiques and collaborations. The story of the owner of both Kith boutiques, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, is a classic rising from nothing to the top of their field.

Ronnie Fieg has created some of my favorite designs of any sneaker. He has collaborated on countless gel lyte III’s including popular models such as the “Salmon Toe”, “leather back” and the upcoming “selvage denim”
The Famous Salmon Toe

Leather Back

The upcoming Selvage Denim Asics Gel Lyte 3

He started at David Z, a popular shoe and boot store in New York. Here he moved up in the ranks from stock boy all the way up to buyer for the store. It was here that he was able to realize his passion for sneakers. Working at a place like David Z or Kith is a dream of mine, but I am stuck at a boarding school during the school year. He moved on to start Kith, his own sneaker boutique in New York city which has been massively successful and has started his own clothing brand by the same name.

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I Am the Last.

These days my English and US History classes are both learning slavery.
It reminds me of a book called “Ishi” which we read for English10 Honors last year.
Because as learning more and more of them, right now I can feel their loneness for being the only one or the last one.
Here is my poem dedicated to the book “Ishi,” called I am the Last.

Staring around,
the darkness of becoming extinct enveloped me
the loneliness of independence embraced me
the silence of emptiness devoured me
I am the last.

Standing there,
with my eyes indistinct by tears
with my lips sealed by the reality
with my hands tenacious by unfamiliarity
with my heart quivery facing a radically different world
I am the last.

Crying here,
I am trying to explore my own sky
I am attempting to breathe deeply with the bleeding air
I am here
In my new world.

Everything changes on me
But one thing cannot be neglected forevermore is

I am the last.