Something Happened? Guess I gotta write about it

So I know I said that I wasn’t going to talk Eagles anymore after last week. The team has been completely deflated and it was just a waste of time to talk about these guys. Well, this week is a different story.

The Eagles actually won a game today.

Going into today’s game, the Eagles’ last win was on September 30th, which is over 2 months ago. That’s a long time in the NFL. The last 2 months have been increasingly depressing. Loss after loss, the Eagles just looked sloppier and sloppier.

Today was our day as rookie QB NICK FOLES (sorry I’m still excited), led the Eagles to a 4th quarter comeback, bringing the team to victory after suffering an 11 point deficit.

There are a lot of things to talk about after a game like today. There were a ton of highlights. Let’s talk about them.

First, I want to give the defensive player of the game to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Nnamdi Asomugha, who looked like the players we thought they were when they came to Philly. The two gelled very well today as the team has completely eliminated the wide 9 formation from their playbook. The only times I saw either get seriously beat was on zone coverage once again. However, on man coverage, the two were superhuman. DRC didn’t allow many catches today at all. Nnamdi allowed another touchdown pass, but he needed to make a split decision on his coverage. He made the right call, but noticed it just a bit too late. He also suffered a neck injury early in the game. He returned later on and finished up.

On offense, someone that disappointed me was Bryce Brown, who has played spectacular football over the past few weeks. Today was an exception. He was completely neutralized, and completely ineffective.

However, today was a passing day for the Eagles. Nick Foles has improved each week that he has played. His yardage had been very low while not committing many turnovers. Today, Foles completely devastated the slightly above average Buccaneers pass defense. No turnovers and 380 yards is not too shabby. He also ran in a touchdown himself and threw two touchdown passes, including the game-winner to Jeremy Maclin. The other was to backup tight end Clay Harbor. He utilized each receiver and his performance today was flawless. The one red flag on offense today was the 6 sacks. The line is still horrid. But for Foles, it didn’t matter. He was completely composed and didn’t care about getting knocked down.

One massive highlight was Jason Avant. Avant is known for his very impressive hands. Very rarely does Jason drop a pass that his hands make contact with. Today was no exception. Foles decided to test his receiver’s talent, and through the ball a little far over the head of Avant. I was sure it was going incomplete. Then, Avant made maybe the greatest catch I’ve ever seen. He just stuck his arm in the air, corralled the ball, and made the catch. He never made contact with the other hand either. I was stunned by the grab.

Today was a good day to be an Eagles fan. Thank you for gettin’ the fans a big win today.

Owner Jeff Lurie was not questioned following the game, but I bet it would have gone something like this.

“Will Andy Reid coach the Eagles next year following this win?”

“Ya sure, SIKE!!”

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