Ronnie Fieg

The big news in the sneaker community is often dominated by Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. Occasionally, an Asics, New balance, and recently Puma sneaker appears to become a phenomenon. These are often attributed to small sneaker boutiques and collaborations. The story of the owner of both Kith boutiques, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, is a classic rising from nothing to the top of their field.

Ronnie Fieg has created some of my favorite designs of any sneaker. He has collaborated on countless gel lyte III’s including popular models such as the “Salmon Toe”, “leather back” and the upcoming “selvage denim”
The Famous Salmon Toe

Leather Back

The upcoming Selvage Denim Asics Gel Lyte 3

He started at David Z, a popular shoe and boot store in New York. Here he moved up in the ranks from stock boy all the way up to buyer for the store. It was here that he was able to realize his passion for sneakers. Working at a place like David Z or Kith is a dream of mine, but I am stuck at a boarding school during the school year. He moved on to start Kith, his own sneaker boutique in New York city which has been massively successful and has started his own clothing brand by the same name.

His creations have reached a “holy grail” status among collectors. They attract lines days before the release and his online releases are notoriously difficult to acquire.

My only success after many failed attempts was the Steel blue 999.

Upon recieving these I was amazed at the quality and use of materials. The perforated pigskin suede has a fantastic feel to it. This type of quality is expected from Fieg. Quality is missing from the modern iterations of Jordan Retros.

He focuses on quality and his product being well made, something I deeply admire in the sneaker industry. He has inspired me to start mocking up my own colorways and ideas.

Passion is easily spotted in Ronnie Fieg; He works long hours and puts out product at a rate that astounds me. His collaborations with Sebago, Dr. Martens, and Timberland are subtler approaches to his design. They are more understated and made with quality materials often by hand.

He has managed to acquire a massive following and has earned every piece of it.

Ronnie Fieg is not only one of the biggest things in sneakers, he is a trend setter, icon, and inspiration for many people like me who admire a job well done.

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