Does Creationism Have a Place in Public School?


Tsk tsk

And when I saw that headline on the LATimes here, I was very befuddled. Since I don’t feel like writing a several page long essay trying to tap into the small brains of creationists, I’ll try to do so in a few short paragraphs.

Let’s begin with a couple of little things called facts. Facts are what you teach children in school. Children do not need their heads filled with hearsay or so called “faith-based facts” that rely on gut instincts. Children need to know what is actually true, because information is power, and the more knowledge you have, the better your short time on Earth here is going to be.

And secondly, let’s remember how you are supposed to make logical conclusions. You are supposed to form a hypothesis (well done religion, you make it this far), and then gather as much proof and evidence (this is where ol’ God loses it) to back up your hypothesis. This is how the great scientists and thinkers of time have always done it, and how it should be taught. Scientists, atheists, anti-theists and evolutionists understand that to understand the world you must have proofs for your beliefs. It is the creationists who need to supply proof for what they believe. Science has been doing this for years and years. It baffles me how something so blatantly false and fabricated as religion and creationism can be even thought about for curriculum in schools.  Once some proof other than some burnt toast comes forth for religious beliefs, I’ll stick with the side that supplies the logic.


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One Response to Does Creationism Have a Place in Public School?

  1. Great post!
    Theories of evolution used to be completely brushed over in my school for fear of offending. Creationism can only have place in a school during religious education and in the form of a religious theory.

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