And we’re back!

Well, Saturday marked the first day of the 2012-2013 NHL season, well I guess the 2013 season at least.

It was a long and frustrating lockout, but the teams are back lacing up the skates and getting out on the ice.

I witnessed a moment in history that will only happen once, and that was watching my beloved Los Angeles Kings raise their first Stanley Cup banner up into the rafters at Staples Center.

While watching the captains of the team skate the flag out to center ice I started to feel something.

The second the banner start to raise from the ice chills were sent down my spine.

It was an experience only a true hockey fan can truly understand.

To see that banner flap in the wind is something fans and players wait for.

That is the one time we can feel the emotion that these players feel on the ice.

The Kings faced off against my #2 team the Chicago Blackhawks.

I had high hopes for the Kings seeing as the last game they played was Game 6 of the finals that resulted in a 6-1 win for the King’s, but the Hawks came out on top winning 5-2

I was upset that the Kings lost, but they will get back on top very shortly.

It is not uncommon for the reigning Stanley Cup champs to come back and lose their first game after they have won the cup, but this past Saturday humbled the Kings to say the least.

The Kings will get a nice rest unlike many teams who have already played back to back.

Tuesday night the Kings will face off against the Colorado Avalanche, and hopefully get that winning momentum back.

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