Purple Touch.

“I know you love purple. So I call this song Purple Touch.”

I have never had a chance again to think about you since the day you left. But just right now, when I was asked about the memories I treasure, I saw your face. I suddenly realized that you never left from my life.

How can I define you, a friend? a lover? or part of my family?

You know me, I could never remember the details of any weathers. But I do remember, the day was bright and quite, and the air was fresh with the particular smell of snow. It was not really cold even though people all dressed like moles that desired to dig into the deepest and warmest center of the Earth. Everywhere was filled with red and green. Everyone seemed so content and pleasant.

Because it was Christmas.
Because it was December 25th, 2010, the last day we spent together.

You told me before that we would never celebrate Christmas because we are Chinese. I laughed and that was the moment I fell in love with you my friend.
But you chose Christmas because you said, “It’s a happy holiday so we will not have any unhappiness memories left before you leave.”

We went to the piano store – “Golden Piano” as usual.
“I have a present for you before you leave.” You smiled with expectation and I smiled, too.

I forgot to tell you that you were the best pianist I have ever seen.
You walked towards your favorite one and repeated your “goal” – “I will buy it when I get money!”

You sat gently on the piano stool, and started.
I tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t. The power that flew out of the piano keys kept my eyes open widely and held my breathe tight.
I was thoroughly shocked.
The notes danced like fearless children who got numerous gifts for Christmas. And your slender fingers carefully touched the keys as if they could be broken is you hit them hard.
The fingers were organized as well. Each one had their own position and duty.

The sudden that I thought I was completely out of this world.
The sudden that I only saw you.
The sudden that I was your only audience.
You are the magic that made the music alive, but made me die.

“This is the song I wrote for you. And hope you like it.”
You and the music became a whole that moment.
But why I could feel the sorrow from the notes?
And why you cried.

You played the song for three times and the whole afternoon seemed so heavy and slow.
It was still snowy outside but the room was extremely warm.

“I know you love purple. So I call this song Purple Touch.”
And when I looked outside the gloomy window, I saw purple.
The very first Christmas I spent was purple.

Time flies and it has been two years since we met each other last time.
I flow for my dream towards America and you went for Germany.

You are right. Time and distance would kill everything.
More and more disagreements and quarrels between us and finally we were tired to try.
And I did not even have time to say sorry and goodbye.

Friends are lovers.
Best friend is part of my family that I just realized.
However, nothing will go backwards because life is still pacing forward.

Hope everything is going well with you in that distant country.

It is cold outside but no one cares about their clothes. Everywhere is decorated with green and red. The air is clean but toneless.
No snow and no sound of pianos.

I am not the kind of person who can speak out the feelings.
But the only memory I have for you would be the song.
I am playing it in my heart, can you hear it?
I miss you my friend.

It is Christmas now.
Will you play that song again for me?
I am sitting here, typing every single word that belongs to you.
My fingers don’t want to stop and it is time to cease for a little while.

And then I looked outside the peaceful window, I saw you sitting up and your fingers are moving and touching carefully on the piano keys.

This Christmas is still purple.

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  1. thebrownguy says:

    wow. this is amazing…

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