Why the Pro Bowl doesn’t matter

A lot of people await the rosters for the NFL Pro Bowl each year. I am guilty of the same thing. However, much like 95% of the NFL population, we couldn’t care less about the outcome of the game.

The Pro Bowl is the unlike any of the Big 4 All star celebrations. By the Big 4, I mean NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB. The NBA, which I despise, has the All Star game, the rookie and sophomore game, the Dunk competition and the 3 point shot competition.

The MLB is the only one to my knowledge whose All Star game actually has an impact on the actual season. The NL and AL compete. The winner is granted the majority (4 games) in the World Series. Home field is always nice. Anyway, the game is preceded by the Home Run Derby, which I am an annual viewer.

The NHL has the most impressive All Star break of them all. Along with the game, which is always exciting and VERY high scoring, there are numerous skill competitions throughout the weekend, which include the Sniper competition and the Hardest shot, which isn’t much because Zdeno Chara is a freak of nature.

Anyway, the Pro Bowl is useless in every way. There’s a game that has no lasting implications on the season and no side competitions. It’s used to fill the gap between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. It’s simply a waste of time. I almost never watch the game and will very rarely watch any of the highlights following.

I can’t stand the Pro Bowl, and neither do the players.

Except these guys…they seem to be enjoying themselves with some very attractive hula girls.

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