Super Bowl Week

This has been a somewhat ridiculous Super Bowl week filled with rumors, dumb comments and of course drama.

The rumors start with Ray Lewis and deer antler spray. For those that have no idea what deer antler spray is, you’re not alone. I don’t really know that much about it either. What I do know is that one ingredient in the spray is on the NFL’s list of banned substances. The ingredient is considered a performance enhancing drug.

Ray Lewis is rumored to have used the spray in order to heal faster from his torn triceps injury. One of his doctors has “confirmed” that he in fact did prescribe the spray to Lewis. However, one big piece of the story was left out.

Ray was never tested. There is absolutely no proof that he was or is currently on any form of PED. There was no test. There are only stupid rumors. Ray issued a denial (duh) immediately following the allegations. He’s still playing so don’t be upset. I guess the doctor must have been a San Fran fan.

Next up are the stupid comments. Step right up, Ed Reed. Dude, there are 4 days before the game. You’re gonna be the most popular safety on the free agent market this offseason. You’re one of the best safeties to ever play. The market is gonna be hot. Don’t start talkin’ about leaving Baltimore right now. You are about to take the field for the Super Bowl and you wanna say that you’d want to play for Belichek? That’s messed up man. Just play.

And of course, drama. It’s all drama. “Oh my god, the city of New Orleans, all this time they’ve been devastated by Katrina and now we can play the Super Bowl there. This is incredible.”

Honestly, I’m stoked for the game. Time for some football. I’m just tired of all the suspense.


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