Blue Mountain State, or “BMS” for short, is probably one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched in my entire life. I’m not a big TV guy. I only watch a few shows. I watch “How I Met Your Mother” with my girlfriend, “Boondocks”, which is arguably my favorite Adult Swim cartoon, “Family Guy” which is arguably my favorite cartoon of all time, and BMS.

Unfortunately, BMS only lasted for three seasons, and I’ve finished all three in one week. I’m disappointed to have already finished the show, but it was great while it lasted.

The show revolves around football teammates who play college football at Blue Mountain State. The teammates and pals engage in college high jinks, ranging from drugs, alcohol, sex and partying all together. The show clearly appeals to a teenage and college demographic. In other words, I would not show this to my parents. Maybe my father, who tolerates this kind of stuff. But my mother would not be pleased to say the least. There is frequent innuendo and occasional implied nudity. There are never any private parts revealed. It leaves the rest up to imagination. But that’s not even why I would enjoy a show like this. As many would find easy to believe, I watched the show expecting a football comedy. I got that, with the college twist along with it. I loved the combo.

Like many TV fans, I chose a favorite character from the beginning. My man was the running back Craig Shilo. Unfortunately, Shilo’s actor went to prison following the first season, and left the show. I was VERY disappointed to not see him in the second season. But, it was ok. The show did not suffer.

As the show continued, it seemed like I was laughing a little bit less, but the show was beginning to have more meaning as the characters went from freshman to senior year.

Upon conclusion of the show, Alex Moran, the main character, was only a junior. This begs the question, “Will they ever have a season 4?” According to reports, the show has already been cancelled. So most likely not. Alex Moran will forever be an unfinished story.

I’m upset to finish the show. But maybe I can find a new one.

Caution!!!! Anything pertaining to Blue Mountain State should not be viewed by young children. I recommend 13+ at the minimum. Don’t say I didn’t warn you all. Everyone loves Scarface, so I see no reason to say no to something like BMS. There’s all sorts of inappropriate things in both. Don’t be a hater.


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