Every year it’s something. Some place and festival I want to go to. Three years ago it was Soundset, last year it was Outsidelands, this year its the Crossroads Guitar Festival. But, I get the feeling that until I actually go to Crossroads, I won’t ever be able to stop wanting to.

Crossroads is a music festival started for charity by none other than the wife-stealing guitar god Eric Clapton.

That name alone should make you want to go. But just in case it doesn’t here’s some of the headliners for this year’s festival; Jeff Beck, Booker T, (what’s left of) The Allman Brother Band, Gary Clark Jr., Robbie Robertson, Vince Gill, BB King and Sonny Landreth, among plenty of others.

The festival was started by Clapton and all the profits will go to the Crossroads Festival in Antigua.

Steve Windwood (one of the greatest singers ever) has made several appearances at the festival. Here he is playing one of the greatest songs ever.

Blind Faith should have stayed together. I said it. Ginger Baker needs to come out of hiding in Africa and play with those two again.

Other than the tickets being wildly overpriced, I won’t be able to go because this year it’s in stupid New York and its stupid Square Garden. A campaign needs to be started to bring it to LA next year.

And just because we should end on an awesome note:


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