I am the Monster

Coming up in the next few weeks play rehearsals will be ramping up so that we can give all of you lovely people hopefully the best show so far.

For the past few months the cast of Young Frankenstein has been working feverishly on rehearsing lines and risking ankles to bring the people of Ojai and beyond a great show.

By risking ankles I speak of course of my 6 inch high platform boots that I have to dance in so that I look like a monster…. yea that’s right I am the monster.

It is such a great part because I get to be on stage the whole time, and for the most part I just grunt and make people laugh.

This play is hilarious.

It is full of funny sexual innuendos that are very sly in getting in there, but a line such as, “what big knockers,” while looking away from a good looking girl, I mean come on, Dr. Fronkensteen doesn’t have a thing for doors.

These next two weeks are going to be rough in between late night rehearsals and still keeping up with class, but I have done it every year since the 4th grade and I can’t wait to put on another good show.

Come out and watch us on 2/21 and 2/22.


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