My name is not important, but it will be. I will stand in front of an army of thousands and watch empires fall. But that is not where this story starts.

We must move past the burning dart, and the ruins of Rome. I am Caesar and Alexander the Great. I led the armies of barbarians against my empire, and I destroyed what I had helped build.

I am locked in a battle with a younger more ambitious spirit. Limitless power emphasizes the qualities of a man, the good and the bad.

I was the first omnipotent being, my only son is the other. Time became our battleground. He grew corrupt with his power, and so did I.

Countless lives were lost.

And now I stand here at the end of the universe staring my enemy in the eye, and I can’t help but feel that this was just a matter of misplaced emotion. We could have stopped this.


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