Time to Break the Poetry Trend-Intro to LAX

The past few posts on this blog have been straight up poems and I AM a big fan of poetry but it’s time to break that trend. I’m a sportswriter so let’s talk sports!

This weekend was our first lacrosse game. I was excited after I got done from my SAT and strapped on my pads.

Then we lost 12-1. So much for excitement. I am experienced enough to know that one game will not define our season. But, that’s not the way you wanna start off the season. I had a good time playing, and I thought personally that while I could have given more, I played a solid game. We could have all given more. Some guys had excuses after the game and as captain, I have to listen to them. I dismissed a lot of them.

Following the game, something interesting happened. My football coach, coach Titus, walked over to me, gave me a fist bump and we talked about the game a little bit. He then proceeded to ask me to take a picture with his baby, Shepard. I happily accepted his offer, squatted down next to the stroller and smiled.

It felt good actually. Ya, we just lost by 11 points, but I enjoyed the experience of getting back into the game. Hopefully, we can get some wins going this season.


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