My Brothers

One of the downsides of the schedule we have at OVS is that our spring break falls about two weeks after everyone else has their spring break, and that includes my brothers. This past week, they road tripped from Aspen out to where we used to live near San Francisco. They spent the week staying up there in a friends pool house, and then on Friday they came down to visit me at school.

They showed up around 10, just as morning announcements was starting. After announcements, I was able to catch up with them briefly before having to head off to class. My dad and Peter drove to Ventura to hang out while I finished my classes, while my youngest brother Philip joined me.

He came with me to all my classes, except for the ones that he had already missed. I’m sure he found it extremely boring, but it was fun for me to have him there. After my last period of the day, I packed my things for the weekend and we drove down to Santa Monica and met up with my dads girlfriend.

We had take-out from a small Caribbean restaurant called Babalu’s, and spent the night at her house. Then this morning we all woke up and had breakfast at Marmalade Cafe, then walked around town a little and went to the beach. Shortly after, my dad dropped me back off at his girlfriends, where I’ll spend the rest of the weekend before heading back up to school. They began the long drive home this afternoon.

I’m sad to see them go, and I miss them a lot while I’m at school. Yes, they drive me all kinds of crazy and insane when I’m with them, but it’s fun, and I love them. I was sad to see them go this afternoon, and I know I’ll miss them and my dad.



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