By now, a lot of hardcore gamers have heard of the popular series Bioshock. Just recently, the third installment, titled Bioshock Infinite was released.

It is already being called the Game of the Year. That includes its competitor, Grand Theft Auto 5, which is due out later this year.

I think its premature to call anything the game of the year when its only April. We still have 9 more months before we pick a winner. But, let’s look at how popular Bioshock has been.

Bioshock was marketed as a horror/action/adventure game, and is well worth those labels. Up until recently, however, I had zero interest in the Bioshock series. When I was younger, about 3 years ago maybe, I stayed over a friend’s house, and he played Bioshock at 2 in the morning. I was petrified and swore that I would one day conquer the game. Recently, the Apple Mac App store released an app version of the first Bioshock game. I waited for a sale to cut down the 30 dollar price (I bought mine for 10 bucks) and started playing.

I haven’t finished yet.

I am in awe. I played until 3 AM the other day, and thank god it was Friday night. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a Tuesday night. I couldn’t put the game away. It’s intensity is completely unmatched.

Big Daddies are my favorite characters.

This picture should explain just about everything.

Yes, he’s that large thing. He goes completely psychotic is you so much as breathe the wrong way. See that little girl next to him, she’s the little sister. If you touch her EVER, you’re going to die. That drill for a hand is not for show.


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