Ready for Summer?

It was such a busy week filled with finals and AP tests.

Nothing seemed exciting and most of the students all looked so tired and bored. Well, as for me, I was personally excited for an upcoming big event – my NYU Summer precollege!

I found this program accidentally while I was planing my summer. A page of NYU‘s summer school advertisement jumped out. I did some more research on it and then I found this journalism program summer precollege. And of course, I was totally attracted.

It took me several weeks to contact with their program admissions and finally now everything is set to go! The program will take six weeks. I will take two classes – Report in NY and Multimedia learning. This is going to be my very first time to learn journalism in a broader area, especially in New York, things happen in seconds.

My interest in journalism actually started since my elementary school. And luckily it has not changed even once. It is amazing how I enjoy the pleasure journalism brings to me and how I want to know more about everything and everyone.

I can’t wait to meet to meet new people and stay at NYU for half of my whole summer!

How about you, are you ready for a fantastic summer vacation?


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