It’s a Whole New Year

Most people measure their years beginning and ending at New Year’s Eve. But when you’re in school, Summer marks the beginning of a new year. You have three months off, to relax, sleep, recuperate from the endless studies and homework. Then in the fall, you go back to school and you start a new year.

Some people never want the year to end. They want to stay near their friends, and they don’t want things to change.

For me, it’s different.

At the beginning of every year I’m excited for what it will bring. For the new friends I will make, and the new things that I’ll learn. But a couple months in, I start getting tired. Tired of school, and of a lot of the people at school.

So for me, the new year means a new start. I can make new friendships if the old ones aren’t real or healthy. I can say goodbye to the teachers who drove me absolutely crazy, and hope that my new ones won’t do the same.

That’s what I hoped of this year last year. And while many things about it are disappointing, this year I’m one step closer to figuring out who it is that I am. And more importantly, who I want to  be.

So while some people cling to the past, I relish in the thought of a new year. A new start. It’s what keeps me going. Because I know without a doubt, that next year is a whole new year.


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