Should Marijuana be legalized?

After the legalization of recreational Marijuana in Colorado and Washington, stoners from all around the world have their hopes at an all time high (pun-intended) for a nation-wide legalization. Would legal weed be good for America? Or will it end up with the addiction of many?

Protester takes it to the streets

Even though most stoners might try to convince everyone that weed is “all natural” and that it has no repercussions, that is not entirely true. Heavy consumers have shown deteriorating mental and physical health over time, as well as slower reaction time. However, no one has ever died from an overdose, or at least it has never been reported.

Asides from the negative effects, what good could it bring for America? The legalization of Marijuana could help the economy by taxing the product, and considering that Marlboro cigarettes is the second most profitable product in America, it is certain that a company that big could bring the project afloat.


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