Are Electronic Cigarettes safe?

The use of Electronic cigarettes has sky rocketed during the last 3 years with the promise of providing a safe alternative to the pesky, cancer causing tobacco cigarettes. However, is that promise true? Or are the users  getting their money snatched out of their hands in an elaborate scam?

Considering that Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco, they are not subject to the United States tobacco laws, which means that it’s not necessary to be 18 or older to buy one of these nicotine-filled tubes and enjoy it on the side of road.

Electronic Cigarette

Even though the e-cigs appear to be harmless, scientists have performed tests that suggest the contrary. Harmful chemicals have been found in the vapor of the electronic cigarettes; however, they still prove to be considerably healthier than the conventional tobacco ones.

It has yet to be determined if the E-cigs cause cancer. The FDA website claims that not enough studies have been performed on electronic cigarettes to know if they are harmful or not.

However, E-Cigs should remain available to all public because they offer an alternative to the tobacco cigarette that is considerably healthier.


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