A Lazy Afternoon.

I had a really really “lazy” dream last night…

“That must be a heated summer afternoon.

This “gentleman” definitely feels too hot in his thick black fluffy fur jacket. Look at his long and sharp claws, and those hairless soles. Life must be much easier for a sun bear like him, because he has got all those necessary needs in order to live an ideal life in the trees.

It is lovely that the fur around his nose and mouth suddenly turns white, while his whole body is black. What a good-looking “gentleman”! His outstanding appearance must attract a lot of “ladies” around him.

However, this lucky “gentleman” seems to be lazy today. His frown and his drooping lips are saying that he doesn’t feel like doing anything but lounging on this comfortable tree. The heat makes him unpleasant, but the relaxing position placates him. His limpid eyes are staring into the air, but they are also filled with thoughts. He might be thinking about his life. He might be looking at some distant forest and dreaming about his future. Or, he is just thinking about tonight’s dinner menu. Who knows?”

But, dream is just dream. I had to wake up again and study for my finals!


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