Can you think of one thing everyone has in common? Public school kids, lawyers, locksmiths, princesses, Canadians, Obama… We are all on a quest to find true happiness.

But what is true happiness, really?   Is it doing what you love, being with who you love, loving yourself, or helping others?   I guess it’s different for everyone. In my case, I think happiness is when you can do what you love with support from the people you love.

Others, however, are willing to give up who they love for what they love. I personally don’t think this will leave you being truly happy, for as long as you are not surrounded by people that will keep you happy, I think you will not be able to find happiness in just an activity.

It is true that happiness is relative, of course, so I extend the question to you – what makes you happy? Do you think you are a happy person? Why?

I wish you all luck on the quest to living life to the fullest.

Photo Credit: http://www.wikipedia.org

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