A Mission

I’m running, on a mission. I was told that I had until midnight to figure everything out, and I scramble to collect every clue I can find.

Scavenging for money, I throw it all in a suitcase, get my sister, and run. We have the supplies, and I’ll return the money later, I promise.

We suddenly find ourselves in an elevator, going deep underground in an unknown building. We are in spy headquarters, and I am a double agent. I have to find out who I’m pretending to work for, and what they want from me.

I find myself going on adventures and expeditions; I am in places I don’t recollect traveling to. From walking through city streets to exploring exotic jungles, I drag my suitcase behind me and hope for the best.

My sister is close behind me, and together we keep an eye out for them. We don’t know who we’re looking for, but we look out nonetheless.

We walk for what seems like hours, days, and without talking we focus intently. The suitcase seems to drag behind me  – carrying the weight of distress and lies.

Finally back at the headquarters, we are told what we are looking for. About to find out, we are suddenly moved back home, where we return the money. It didn’t get used anyway, it was for protection, and to appear legitimate.

We shed our jackets, take off our glasses, and sit down. We reflect on the mission, for it was unfinished, and needs to be accomplished.

Photo Credit: http://www.jazzhostels.com

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