School Dances and Ghostly Trances

At OVS, Halloween is celebrated in a unique way. Although boarders don’t necessarily go trick or treating, through the Halloween dance and spirit days, festive spirit is present.

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Day students are able to go home and celebrate Halloween in a more standard way, whereas boarding students get to spend their time at school. At the dance, people dress up and show off their costumes. On the day of Halloween, costumes can be worn to school.

On the other hand, boarders spend Halloween night in the dorms. That can be fun, spending the night binging on scary movies and eating a ton of candy. However, there’s something special about being outside on Halloween night, with spine-tingling stories being told and that spooky feeling in the air.

It’s not really explainable, but all those stories about witches and goblins, haunted houses and the curses that come along with them – it all seems so real on October 31st. Maybe it’s just me, but on that one night, the air seems like it’s buzzing with ghostly presences, just waiting to be discovered.

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