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Thanksgiving is at the bottom of the favorite holidays list. Somewhere the meaning was lost and people don’t think about the history behind it, they just think of it as the day before Black Friday. This holiday doesn’t have decorations, unless you count Christmas trees. It’s just to pass time between Halloween and Christmas. Just a reason to get a few days off.

Some think of it as a punishment. Having to eat the same dried out turkey, flavorless mashed potatoes, and bread all covered in somewhat good gravy, year after year. It’s not an exciting holiday, there are no gifts or fun activities. Just sitting at a table with family for hours. Then, after dinner, having to do all the dishes.

But just think – the reward for all this is a week off of school and a huge sale the next day. It’s like a boring desk job. Being miserable while working but enjoying the large amounts of money you make.