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Adding some Magic

  When I decided to go to boarding school, I think I had some idea that it would be just like going to Hogwarts. In some ways, it is. At OVS, we have prefects- just like the stuck up Percy … Continue reading

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The need for true friends is becoming less relevant everyday due to the newfound possibility of online friends. Nowadays people are meeting over shared likes on Instagram, or mutual friends on Facebook. Although they will never meet and only talk … Continue reading

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The Week That Changed My Life

This year, my club volleyball team California Heat had the opportunity to go to the Volleyball Festival, which is otherwise known as Nationals, in Phoenix, Arizona. We left on a Tuesday night at 12 a.m. so we could drive all night. The … Continue reading

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Not to be Taken Lightly

Isn’t it weird how you can think yourself into a bad mood? You can spend all day talking about happy things, and putting off a “put together” front. But in reality, the way that you talk to yourself when you’re … Continue reading

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Take a Look at Me, an ASIT You Will See

You don’t just pay to be an ASIT, you have to work to be an ASIT. You have to work to work. (Many of us ASIT’s have talked about the logic, but nobody has bothered to rebel yet.) To be … Continue reading

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Grandma B

At 90 years old, one can hope to still be alive, let alone completely mobile and thriving. My 90-year-old neighbor at home, known as Grandma B, can be seen out every day, doing various errands and tending to her intricate garden. Although … Continue reading

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My Grandfather who lives in Illinois gave me his truck, so my Dad and I went back to his farm to pick it up. It is a three seat truck, and with three people, there’s a tight squeeze. We decided … Continue reading

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