News or Not?

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I often find myself on Yahoo! News, whether it’s to find information for a news quiz, or just to laugh at the ridiculous articles I find. What I see on there really makes me question the relevancy of the website.

Although there are current pending issues like Ebola, and controversies like the Ferguson case, Yahoo! News still chooses to broadcast articles like, “Ohio family recovers missing Sasquatch statue” or “In Wisconsin, Black Friday shoppers come for beer.” Although that Sasquatch statue may be very near and dear to the Spence family, I am unclear as to how this makes national news.

On the other hand, Black Friday is an event created specifically for shopping deals, so why shouldn’t people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin get their beer? People spend hours in line for a toaster, or the newest shoes, so why not stand in line for something that at least holds a food value?

However, I don’t see why this makes national news either. Why is 800 people waiting outside their local brewery a bigger deal than thousands of people waiting outside their nearest Apple store for the newest iPhone? And why is a town and their beer relevant to the rest of the world?

Lastly, however concerning “Austria fire explodes in wood stove”  might be to the people whose stove exploded, and maybe the manufacturers, this issue doesn’t seem more, or even equally as important as Ebola.

Granted, Yahoo! News keeps producing interesting articles, but I feel like they might be grasping at straws here.

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