Food for Thought

All those controversies about what’s in your McDonald’s Big Mac or chicken nuggets are disturbing, sure, but it’s just as disturbing to have other’s unwanted opinions shoved in your face.

Super Size Me, for example, is a grotesque documentary following a man while he eats nothing but McDonald’s for a month. This proves a significant point, and is absolutely worth paying attention to.

However, for people who can’t afford healthier food than McDonald’s, hearing the fatal effect of their only food source is beyond depressing.

Wealthier members of society are parading around, throwing around argument after argument about how harmful McDonald’s is, yet providing no solution for those who have no choice but to consume it.

I agree that McDonald’s is unhealthy, and shouldn’t be eaten, if given other options. However, for those who have no other choice, I think that it is wrong to tell them what they’re doing wrong and provide no help. That is just as unhealthy.

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One thought on “Food for Thought

  1. Great post! I’m in a tricky situation at the minute… I live my my boyfriend an dhis parents who recently have started making food I dislike. they are aware I don’t like it and witness me throwing it in the bin night after night. We have asked to make our own food to which the answer was no. our only option is to go out instead. However, our wages are low and we are trying to save up to move out. It doesn’t help that McDonalds is right next to where I work. Therefore, it’s McDonalds most nights for us! So I’m super worried about my health, this was a great post to read 🙂

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