Cop Control

In this day and age, police have an astronomical amount of authority. They can ticket, arrest, and charge people whenever they deem fit.

But at what point is the state giving police too much power?

A number of times within the past year, news reports of police brutality have been popping up. For what you may ask? Police abusing their power and unnecessarily harming, who usually seem to be, African-American or Hispanic males.

This raises another issue: racial segregation.

Are police prone to act forcefully against different races? Although there are a good amount of African-American and Hispanic officers in the Force, there ARE more white than any other race.

Do these officers act so strongly because there is a pre-requisite for violence in these races? But what about Caucasians? Why is there no pre-requisite for them?

One of the most popular events that occurred was the shooting of Michael Brown.

Michael Brown was only 18 years old when he was shot by a Police Officer in Ferguson, Missouri. He, un-armed, approached a white officer’s police car and got into a short struggle that ended with Mr. Brown fleeing, surrendering, turning around face-forward at the officer, just to have the officer shoot him twelve times.

This caused an uprising all throughout Ferguson. Many rallies and riots were held even months after his death. Probably due to the fact that the white officer was not charged with anything.

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More recently, two white officers in Philadelphia were charged with unnecessarily beating of a hispanic man, Najee Rivera.

Rivera required many stitches and staples in the emergency room after these two police just about beat the living daylights out of this man.

When does this stop?

Are the American people misunderstanding the intentions of these officers?

Are they just protecting their own?

Or are they choosing to abuse their power because they think they are above the law?

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