I Don’t Really Know What to Blog About This Week.

I have been in a rut about blogging.

I cannot come up with a writing prompt to save my life.

So this week, I’m just going to write about something that has been on my mind: Dogs.

I have two of them, I grew up around them, and I love them more than anything else in the world.

A few months ago, I began volunteering regularly at my local Humane Society, and have found myself falling in love with a dog named Dodger.

Dodger is a smooth-coated Chihuahua mix who’s chubby belly sways about an inch off the ground as he struts by.

Every time I go in to volunteer, I head straight towards Dodger’s play pen to say hello to him and his friend George.

I would adopt him in an instant, but my Husky Shepard mix and Chihuahua Terrier mix are a handful already.

Anyone want a cute, chubby Chihuahua?


Photo Credit: http://www.chihuahuawardrobe.org (not Dodger)



Fifty Shades of Grey Review

While certain critics may claim the series is “sugar-coated” domestic violence, that has not stopped crowds of people from overwhelming the box office this Valentine’s Day weekend.

The film is based on the highly successful novel written by E.L. James.

The film tells the story of a young, and devilishly handsome billionaire Christian, played by Jamie Dornan. The young woman he desires is named Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson.

This movie has audiences in uproars. And people are not staying quiet about it.

“Fifty Shades of Grey is not the lame, hot-and-bothered fantasy romance many, including myself, thought it would be. It’s got wit and humor and a modest intelligence about human behavior that, say, the Twilight movies never had,” said a writer for Vanity Fair.

Personally, I thought the two stars were excellently casted – the chemistry they had together was almost palpable.

I’m not going to sugar coat this either – some parts of the film were horribly cheesy. But those parts gave the audience a break from all of the romantic endeavors of Grey and Steele.

I would not recommend this movie to be seen as any sort of “family film”. This film will make you blush, I can assure you.

For a girl’s (or boy’s) night out, this is the perfect movie.

While this may not please the harsh critics eye with its plot or casting, it’s hard to argue with its great cinematography. I thought it was excellently filmed, and produced with a high budget.

I would say it’s worth the hype. While this may not be the most valuable movie to your life, seeing it in theaters is not a regret of mine.

Photo Credit: http://cdn1-www.comingsoon.net