To sleep or not to sleep…

“You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.” ~Navajo Proverb

This quote literally means that if someone is pretending to sleep, it would be impossible to wake them up, for they aren’t really sleeping.

However, it also explains in a more figurative manner how if one pretends to try, he or she will never succeed. One cannot be pushed to be successful, or reach success on their own without a true effort.

If a runner pretends to be running their fastest, when, in fact, they can go almost double their speed, there is no way they can push themselves and show their true strength.

It is a form of lying, really, for if one pretends to sleep, they can never be awoken, for they are tricking others into thinking that they truly asleep.

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One cannot fake their true colors, for if they do so, they will never reach their full potential. Be it academically, athletically or professionally, dishonesty does not lead to success.

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