Videos are constantly popping up all over the internet, with titles broadcasting one miracle of life after another. From a child born without a brain to another born with an extra arm, these stories are true to their name.

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However, beyond videos about rare diseases and miracle survivors, the producers of these shows have began to document people who, frankly, are undeserving of the “miracle” title.

From viewing a documentary of a child with a never-before-seen case of dwarfism, one could then be taken to a video about a woman with the most famous butt. People, that is not a miracle of life!

It’s almost as if these unqualified people are taking away from people who truly are miracles. It’s not glory that is being taken away, per say, but the whole point of these “miracle” documentaries is to share the stories of unusual people. If one has a famous butt or some crazy plastic surgery, it’s not really a miracle, and it makes genuine miracles seem less important.

As far as videos about insane body-modification, great – they’re entertaining. However, they shouldn’t be categorized as life miracles, for they are not natural. The whole concept is based on changing oneself, and therefore in no way do any of these people qualify as someone born with an unusual quality.