“Just Being Miley”

Miley Cyrus, known for being outspoken and drastically altering her appearance, just opened up about her sexuality and her dislike for labels.

When questioned on Facebook about her sexuality, Cyrus announced that not all of her relationships have been heterosexual, though she did not give any details. Cyrus did not come out as bisexual, however – she stressed the fact that she never wanted to label herself as she wants to be open.

Photo Credit: http://www.eonline.com

Along the lines of labeling herself, Cyrus declared that she never liked the female stereotypes and expectations, and while she never felt like a boy, she never fit in with girls either. Cyrus simply didn’t appreciate the confinement and what was expected of her, but she has grown to live outside of the conventional expectations.

Cyrus’s progressive thinking along with the action she’s taken has caused lots of uproar. However, the negative attention is unfortunate, for Cyrus is an important advocate for similar causes, and doesn’t care about negative opinions or bad publicity. Simply, Cyrus takes action where others won’t.

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