Geniuses are the downfall of society

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Throughout history there have been people who are different from the rest. These “different” people are famous in the history books and are considered geniuses. I’m not talking about great warriors or generals. I’m talking about the scientists, engineers, architects, the innovators of the world, the geniuses. People like Davinci, Wright brothers, Alexander Fleming, Marie Curie, and Steve Jobs. They are some of the smartest people to have lived and most people are thankful for their contributions. I’m not thankful, however; I say screw them. The human race will die at their doing. The contributions they made have greatly impacted the earth. The damage done is beyond repair and at this rate, Earth has 100 years left. I am thankful for the lack of contribution made by everyone else; they should be the ones in the history books. Sure, there have been people that have made designs that help the world, but it’s not enough. I can only think of a few things that could save the human race: Intergalactic travel or time travel, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Thanks a lot smart people.