Gender Bias

There is a strong double standard in today’s culture.

For a woman, it is considered “improper” to show as little as show her bra strap. Yet, I see multiple men and boys sagging their pants, walking around shirtless, and more.

Most people today, including myself, don’t give it much thought when this happens. It’s normal for a guy to be able to show most of his body, while a woman is reprimanded or judged for showing a strap on their shoulder. 

CBS wrote a very interesting article about the dress codes in work places, and the “dress codes” seem to transition into people’s personal lives too.

There also seems to be an uproar when a woman asserts herself in her career and lays down the law, and she may be called some less than polite words.

I’m not calling anyone out here, or placing blame. But, the expectation for how men present themselves is, in some cases, much lower than the expectation for women.

Gender Inequality

Of course, this double standard goes both ways. Men aren’t expected to be emotional or sensitive, and in some cultures, are judged for it.

Men are also though of as “weak” if he is a stay at home dad, does the laundry, or cooks dinner because it is thought to be a woman’s role.

Why should the public be able to judge two different genders completely differently, on the same subject, and have it be thought of as OK?

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