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I Am The Grinch

As the world approaches the holidays, no matter where I go, all I hear is Christmas music. I really dislike Christmas music. Ergo, I guess I’m a bit of a Grinch. There’s just something that is so painfully cheesy and … Continue reading

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Cry Me a River, Or Don’t

I don’t cry often, or at least not as much as people assume I do. Before I turned nine, my tears had no depth. I would cry because I couldn’t get the Barbie I wanted, or because I wasn’t allowed … Continue reading

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Finals got you down?

Here are ten ways to cope with your impending doom! 1.) Dig a hole. I mean, a really deep hole. Once you have dug said hole, lay in it. I’m not telling you to die there or anything, that’s entirely optional. … Continue reading

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Boys Rule, Girls Drool.

It’s a well know fact to all teachers that the average boy is behind in the industrial world, beginning in Pre-K, and lasting through to college. Boys, simply put, haven’t been doing nearly as well as girls in school. Statistics have shown that, … Continue reading

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Christmas Time is Here

Christmas is here! (kind of) Once Thanksgiving ended, a Christmas frenzy descended upon us, showering everyone in festive store windows, holiday sales, and, most importantly, Michael Bublé’s Christmas album (although Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” is also … Continue reading

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The Olympics Is the Key!!

I was officially turned down by the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. I applied for the Winter Games volunteer program earlier this year. My plan was to work at the Korean games so that I’d have experience on … Continue reading

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Becoming Bilingual

When school starts back up after Christmas break, it will mark two years of living in the U.S. for me. I’m from Japan and went to a Japanese-speaking school most of my life. Since my father is an English speaker, … Continue reading

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