That Night

Steam clouds the windows. A flame wavers under the bulk of a teapot slowly growing discolored from the brewing tea.

Photo Credit: Davidson’s Tea

Jars of rice and pasta sit stoic behind the tea against the foggy window. The white tiles alight in a ring of orange and flickering yellow.

Cinnamon candles burn in another room, the smell wafting and drifting and dancing with the scent of a spiced green chai.

Rain patters lightly on a recently resealed roof. The faint sound of parents discussing upcoming weather reaches the small slanted kitchen.

A cold breeze blows under the door, bringing with it the smell of rain, fresh from clouds not seen for months.

Cold, stiff, paint-splattered hands rest near the candle, bathed in the warmth provided by the slow destruction of the candle.

Photo Credit:

Faces lit from below glance out through the milky window at something unseen soaked with rain.

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