Visions of gray filled up my wondering eyes.

The somber haze lingered in the moist air.

The drab flowers filled up my already melancholy mind.

The first day we met the visions of gray disappeared,

Faded away.

The opal skies meet my eyes.

The green burst from the sidewalk cracks,

Fuchsia flowers graced the abundance of colors appearing around them.

White antique pearls hung from the wealthy’s necks,

As the hazelnut colored shoes wrapped the feet of the poor.

My eyes wandered and landed on you,

The one who brought color,

Who filled my life with wonder.

My feelings reached deeper than the dark blue lingering in the depth of the ocean,

And higher than the crystal mountain tops towering over the towns and people within them.

The sapphire dreams of you filled my mind.

The day you left the color disappeared;

The gray swept into my mind like a mother sweeping away her family’s mess,

And the gray returned as if you were never here.

From: Blog.nxp.com
You// Photo Credit: blog.nxt.com


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