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Brother Bear

The last time I thought about you was a few weeks ago. It was because some friends and I were discussing the best animated Disney movies. As we went through the list, the title Brother Bear popped into my head, … Continue reading

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OVS Confessionals #1

Before I begin, let me say how much I love this school. OVS has provided me with a home away from home and friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life. That being said, this school isn’t … Continue reading

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What a punderful world!

Many people hate me for it, or get annoyed in the bang-their-head-on-the-table kinda way. But I just can’t help it. I really, really love puns! I think they are punny, puntastic, and it’s straight up a lot of pun to … Continue reading

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The Summertime Blues

The summertime blues whisper to me, they caress and seduce, they ask Am I going to regret that?   Not taking them up on that offer. Am I going to regret what I’m doing to myself? Am I doing it … Continue reading

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Camping Conundrums

At Ojai Valley School, the whole school is like one big family, similar to having around 120 brothers and sisters. One thing that makes the OVS community like this is the annual fall camping trip. This trip is used to introduce the … Continue reading

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IT : a review

*Contains spoilers IT, where to start? Born from the brain of literary machine and titan Stephen King, IT is the story of how fear and childhood trauma haunts people into adulthood. Written out, the entire story takes about 1,100 pages and … Continue reading

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Music and TV Shows: Always and Forever

Everyone has their favorite things in life. Sometimes they’re people’s favorite bands or singers. Sometimes people put their hearts and minds into their favorite tv shows or books. They become a topic of conversation over a dinner table, where those … Continue reading

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