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A tight backstage room. Fumes from hairspray intoxicating a tight backstage room. Chaos, bobby-pins, tan and black, flying aimlessly. It is hot backstage, the walls the color of earl gray tea. The toes of the apparently perfect, are broken, bruised, … Continue reading

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On our hill

Like so many students at this school, I don’t live at home. I don’t even live in my home country, not even on the same continent. So many people at this school took the risk of moving across the globe, … Continue reading

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Super Scary, Stereotypical Costumes

Halloween is arguably one of the most fun holidays. You can dress up like a banana, a zombie cheerleader, or even a cat. However, a certain kind of costume that is not acceptable, comes around every year. Those costumes fall … Continue reading

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LA Devotee

Are you an LA Devotee? I am and have been one for a while. My dad is convinced that “Californication” was written about me. For the very few that don’t know what that is, “Californication” is Red Hot Chili Pepper’s … Continue reading

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A World of Adventure

Sometimes I contemplate whether or not after high school I should take a gap year. There’s so many things to learn by simply traveling and exploring, and I wonder if there’s too many possible adventures to simply get done in … Continue reading

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Visions of gray filled up my wondering eyes. The somber haze lingered in the moist air. The drab flowers filled up my already melancholy mind. The first day we met the visions of gray disappeared, Faded away. The opal skies … Continue reading

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Spare Change

I collect memories in my head like a child picks up change off the pavement. A visual: Boy walks home on the sidewalk, making sure to hop over every crack in the pavement. He spots a penny, examines it between … Continue reading

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