Sunflower Seeds

I like your tattoo, and your smile.

You like my height and my humor.

You’re goofy, and a wanderer, and a music lover, and insecure. Me too.

I’m affectionate, and outgoing, and silly, and awkward at times. You too.

I think together we’re perfectly imperfect.

I know I always get my hopes up after a good first date, but I hope this will be different; I hope you will remain the amazing guy you were.

I really like who I think you are. I really hope you’re as amazing as I think you are.

I really hope you like me too. I really hope you think I’m as great as I think you are.

I really hope this will workout.

There are some issues though, but why focus on the negative.

I don’t know how this is turn out, but I’ll see day by day.

So I’ll keep listening to Sunflower Seeds and admire snake tattoos.


Photo via Pinterest 


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