Violence in the streets

Earlier this week in the rural streets of a small town in California there was a recent act of domestic violence. This act was witnessed by a local mother on her way to pick her son up from school. She has asked to remain anonymous for the story but did disclose information about the acts that occurred. The mother has said that she witnessed a man running shirtless with a baby down the street with a woman running after him. Because of what the mother saw she decided to loop around the block because of her concern for the situation. The situation escalated quickly turning from a simple argument to a full on fight, this was set off because the woman had pulled the baby from the man’s arms. The whiteness said “once the baby was in the woman’s arms the man started to pull at her hair and eventually kicked her in the face”. Around this time the whiteness had decided that it was about time to call the cops, but she was interrupted by the man who yelled at her for help to save the baby. The whiteness then exited her vehicle and attempted to stop the conflict and whilst she was doing this the police showed up and stopped the conflict. The whiteness final statement was “I was sincerely concerned for the well being for that baby because it was not crying”. She then elaborated that the baby not crying most likely means that this is not the first time a situation like this has occurred.

Photo Credit: Worddreams

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